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Michael and Abigail

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Our Story

On a fateful night during Homecoming 2016 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Mike made the spontaneous decision to join a few of his new dormmates for a late night trip to IHOP. Little did he know, the organizer of this trip, Abby, would one day become his wife.

A few flapjacks later, Mike and Abby quickly became close friends, bonding over cheesy hospital dramas and Physics assignments. Mike finally asked Abby on a date as they were parting for the summer, and they have been together ever since.

The following years created a whirlwind of memories including many more sweet treats and adventures in Austin, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, and Chicago. On December 4th, 2021, the couple made their annual trip to see lights at the Brookfield Zoo. To Abby, this was just another fun date, and she was shocked when Mike pulled her aside and asked her to marry him. So in shock that she forgot to actually say, "Yes!"

To this day, her answer is still a mystery but given that you have arrived at this website, you are encouraged to make your own assumptions. ;)